Our Chairman, Gregg Ganschaw, served in the United States Air Force Security Service in Southeast Asia from 1967 to 1968. Throughout his career, which included running a successful business unit, membership on the Board of Directors of one of the largest printing/publishing companies in the St. Louis market, and executive leadership in the technology sector, Gregg developed the belief that the ability of individuals to achieve a vision and supporting goals was instrumental to the success of any business.

Gregg turned this belief into a training program and  used these concepts to facilitate trainings for over 3000 employees of  Fortune 500 firms as well as government organizations. In his capacity as a Master Facilitator, he also trained more than 500 participants to become Facilitators. 

Due to the expanding need for civilian support of returning Veterans, Gregg is committed to using these program concepts to assist Veterans and their families with the Return With Purpose process.

Board of Directors 

Return With Purpose Board of Directors oversees the affairs and business of the organization.

Executive Committee

Return With Purpose,  President and Board Chair
Gregg Ganschaw
Owner, Path.Finding Group

Return With Purpose,  Secretary
Charmaine Smith
Founder and Executive Director, Discovering Options

Return With Purpose Board Member
Andrea Nelson

Return With Purpose, Executive Director
Elaine M. Queathem


Abby Stark